1Do I need to get three estimates?
You DO NOT need multiple estimates. You simply need to tell the insurance company who you want to work on your car. You legally have the choice where you want your car repaired. ADVANCED COLLISION can assist you with this if you are being told otherwise. We will deal with the insurance company for you.
2My insurance company suggested I take it to their body shop to have the work performed, can I still bring it to you?
We get asked this question on a daily basis. Your insurance company wants you to think this is the only way to guarantee the work that is performed. The truth is, they want you to go to their body shop because they have negotiated a rate with them. This means, sometimes, things that should be replaced, are instead repaired, to save the insurance company money. We guarantee every job we do, regardless of insurance company, for as long as you own your car.
3My insurance company is insisting my car be repaired with used or aftermarket parts, what can I do?
This is sometimes a tricky question. Each policy is different, and each job is different. If you are having your car repaired by your own insurance company, you are legally bound to the terms of your policy, which sometimes allows for such repairs. If you are not the at fault driver, you are entitled to have your vehicle repaired to before accident conditions by the at fault driver's insurance company.
4 How long before I can have my car back?
Without seeing the car, this is almost impossible to answer. Although average turnaround time is 4-5 days, this can vary on availability of parts and extent of damage.
5How much do you charge to give me an estimate of repairs?
We offer FREE estimates whenever it's convenient for you. No need to make an appointment! The estimate will take about 30 minutes, and we can also help with any other questions you may have about the repair process.
6My car also has mechanical related issues due to the crash, can you fix that too?
Yes. We have ASE certified mechanics on duty at all times to assist with such repairs.
7Only a portion of my car is being repainted, will it match?
Colors fade, and change over time. With our computerized color matching, this is never an issue. Regardless of age of car, or degree of fading, you will never have to worry about this. This is also backed by our 100% customer satisfaction warranty.
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We stand behind our work, for as long as you own your car!
GET A FREE INTERIOR DETAILING ( $50 VALUE ) offer Valid with a Collision Repair Service.
* Auto Body collision repair, major and minor
* Complete vehicle painting
* Door ding and touch up repairs
* Frame repair and replacement
* Unibody repair and replacement
* Four wheel alignment